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    OMG I can't believe the search function has improved on this site..anyway I still couldn't find what I was looking for.
    I'm looking to buy a wireless nunchuck in the near future, and I'm sure some of you are, why wouldn't you be? It's a great investment, no need to worry about cables getting tangled or getting smacked in the face, freedom to roam, do free arm movement without any distraction. Anyway this thread should be your review, your thoughts, past experience of wireless nunchuck you have used/currently using. Now the followings names have wireless nunchucks out, if you have had one/have one, give us your thoughts.

    Logic 3

    If there's any other let us know. I wad looking into the Intec (edited wrongly) one, I have heard good things about it, but I have heard nothing about logic 3, if you have one give us your review!!
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    Nintendo has yet to release an official one.

    I had an Nyko one, it was was kinda bad. The motions I did didn't register at times or sometimes happened like several seconds after I moved. I thought it was faulty so I returned it but the same crap happened, did I little research and it turns out that this happens to everyone.

    A friend of mine has a Competition Pro one but they say its pretty shitty.

    The every other brand I've heard of I've heard the same sort of problems, I'm guessing that this is why Nintendo have yet to release theirs yet.
  3. robiul

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    Ah yes read incorrectly. Intec. I have been hearing the same about Nyko, Intec seems to be getting great opinions.
  4. shanefromoz

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    Check out deal extreme.
    I bought 4 wireless Nunchuks and hey are fantastic.
    Cost me US $20 each inc shipping and they work 100%.

    Cheers Shane
  5. Sir VG

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    I went through at least 2 pairs of the Nyko wireless chucks and they were absolute rubbish. They never synced so I had to take them back...both times.
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    I'm not sure I'm ready for wireless nunchucks O_O, I'm afraid that without the cable my arm could stretch out further and punch someone whilst doing Wii Sports D:!
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    i got the nyko wireless chuck adapter you just plug a chuck into it and plug what looks like a motionplus adapter into the mote and it works perfectly. it's comfortable to hold too it's like your holding an f16 joystick while playing! it's never dropped out on me once unless the batts are flat.
  8. GhostHawk

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    I have a really strange thing with my Kama (Nyko) wireless Nunchucks. For starters, they really hate low battery power. They barely work with anything but freshly charged batteries. Second, if you also happen to use the Nyko wireless sensor bar, they will occasionally "drift" to the right. In otherwords, it is like you are pushing the controller's thumb-hat to the right. This really sucks in most games. If you use the regular wired version of the sensor bar this does not happen. I sent an eMail to Nyko to ask them about this but several months have went by and there has been no reply. They really could care less about complaints.

    Specs: Wii USA D2B
    Nyko Kama (Original Version/Pre-Lawsuit) - Limited Edition Black Wireless Nunchucks (x2)
    Nyko Wireless Sensor bar.
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    on a scale of 1 to 10 i say hooray for more batteries!
  10. rommy667

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    I got a logic 3 wireless chuck adapter and its top,responds perfect every time and it charges from usb & has a buit in battery ya gota get one [​IMG]