[WIP] Dumping the bootrom

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    See https://media.ccc.de/v/33c3-8344-nintendo_hacking_2016
    Please do only respond to this thread, if you have to say something that could be helpful in order to dump the bootrom. Please do not discuss about sighax and/or its value here. It is hard to identify the posts that could help us with dumping the bootrom in the other threads about the 33c3 talk, because there is so much discussion about the value of sighax. So I made this thread to promote bootrom dumping.

    At first, writing the a9lh payload for dumping (the protected part of) the bootrom should not be hard.
    It could look like this:
    a9lh payload for dumping the bootrom by fault injection
    Please reply to this thread if you have any improvements, I may update the code in this post.

    How can we do the fault injection? I think, the easiest way for fault injection would be vcc glitching.
    It MAY be sufficient to use a Raspberry Pi for this task, we MAY just need to pull VCC of the battery to GND for some nano seconds we have to pull VCC input of the ARM9 to GND (or even negative voltage?) for some nano seconds, e.g. with the help of a MOSFET controlled by the Raspberry.
    However, according to https://www.3dbrew.org/wiki/3DS_System_Flaws#Hardware we need a very precise timing.
    Hence, we have to synchronise the reset with our vcc glitching hardware. How could we do this?
    1. Via hardmod
      • We could connect to the I2C bus to trigger / capture the reset signal. Which pins of the 3DS board do we need to connect?
      • We may not connect to I2C, but to a button of the 3DS. Then the vcc glitching hardware would "press" that button, telling the 3DS software to trigger reset via I2C.
    2. Could we do it without opening the 3DS? We have to solder a wire to ARM9 VCC coneection. However, maybe we do not need to add any additional wires to the board? We may trigger reboot by writing to the I2C bus by software, but how could we synchronize with the vcc glitching device then?
      • Reset MAY cause a specific fingerprint of power consumption. We may measure the power consumption and trigger vcc glitching when this fingerprint occurs.
      • Could we create an audio signal just before triggering the reboot and connect the vcc glithing device as haedphone? We would have to implement an audio driver for ARM9 mode, which may be complicated (but should be possible). However, would this method be too slow to achieve the synchronization?
    Do you have some helpful comments to the ideas presented above? Which way could be the best? Are there any other ideas to synchronize the reset with the vcc glitching hardware?

    Update: VCC glitching at battery connection does not really seem to work. There may be voltage stabilizers that we need to bypass by glitching VCC at the ARM9 directly.
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  4. zoogie

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    I don't know if you're aware, but #cakey on freenode is where the most promising of 3ds bootrom development community meets to discuss things. They're actually getting kinda close; maybe they could use your help or vice-versa.
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    Bumping this because you wanted people to reply here with helpful info, but it never happened and the thread went unnoticed.
  6. bayleef

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    Thank you. However, I guess that I have to wait for hedge's "very in-depth writeup + circuit detailing" to get some really good information.
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    Maybe you could look into some 360 hacks, they use glitching on them. Is it possible to slow down the clock at all? That should make the window larger right?

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    Bump, I thought this may be useful now.
  10. daxtsu

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    Why though? If you have boot9strap, you can just run godmode9 to dump your OTP and bootroms whenever you want. :unsure:
  11. kane159

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    how? please :) i lost my otp backup and i really wants to get it back....
  12. Aletron9000

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    Upgrade to boot9strap and launch godmode9. Then in the memory virtual drive, there is an otp.mem. copy that to your sd and you have dumped your otp
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