Winhiip won't recognize my HDD

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by Red9419, Jul 2, 2015.

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    Apr 17, 2014
    Hi i just aquired a Official Sony HDD SCPH 20401 f, and a Sabrent IDE to USB Adapter. The problem is when i connect everything together it wont recognize in Winhiip. I click select drive and says no Ps2 formated drives detected. I can see it in Disk Managment but says not allocated, what does that mean? Im new at this and i dont know what Master Slave Jumper is. THe box came with SATA cables which i dont need, the main 3.5 IDE cable a power adapter, and a 2 pin thing that one end plugs into 2 small pins on a hard drive and other other connects to the power adapter, but only has 2 pins not 4. Any help? Thank you
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    Jul 22, 2015
    I recently modded my scph 30001 with an ide HD. Same method as you, here a few things:
    Where do you bought the HD? i gonne through 4, or 5 IDE HDD until i found one that works. Even had one burning as soon as i pluged into my IDE to USB adapter.

    Keep on mind that most likely the HD you have in hands is a old piece of hardware. Most of the IDE hds came with the jumper on MASTER by default, and on master they will likely work on your USB to IDE adapter and your PS2.

    HD's are very fragille by nature, so its natural that you may have and broken one. So, lets go to the isolation of the problem:

    1- Your hd is recognized by the disk managment, that is good. Do you formated it? Since an hd without alocated partition will not show up in your "my computer"

    2- Dont worry about the SATA and other power connectors, they are meant for other HD's and Optical drives. If your hd shows up in Disk Manager it means its all correctly set-up on the Adapter Side.

    3- I followed a tutorial from here gba temp to prepare the HD to ps2, are you following one?
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    It says that no PS2-formatted drives are present because you haven't formatted the drive yet. If Drive Management says that the space on the drive is not allocated, that means there are no partitions set up on the drive. Select the drive anyways (judging by its size), format it to the PS2 format and you should be golden. If that doesn't work, create a normal partition on the drive in Windows to make it detectable and then re-format it in Winhiip.