Will Gamestop Allow this?

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    So yeah, I love my DSiWare, I don't have a lot, but I have 4 games that one should have payed for (the free credits when I got it are also included), including the rather expensive Shantae.

    So I intend to trade in my DSi with the credit going toward the 3DS only after the ability to transfer dsiware games arrives in late May.

    Would Gamestop allow me to give them my DSi and immediately get the credit toward a 3DS, but allow me to open up the 3DS in shop and transfer my DSiware before handing it over for good?

    Or, conversely, will Gamestop allow me to to put the credit of the DSi toward the previous purchase of the 3DS like if I hand them the receipt? Cuz I know that they wont let you simply get cash for your DSi, they only give store credit.

    Or, one last possibility, would one be able to transfer their DSiware to one 3DS and then transfer from that 3DS (my friends) to my 3DS?

    I think my issue is pretty clear. Let me know if you have any insight.
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    I think it will depend on whoever is in charge of the store at that moment.
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    No it sounds like your sol. The only way you could probably do it is wait til march when the 3ds has the option to actual transfer. But by then gamestop is going to be giving even less credit towards a 3ds.
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    Let me first apologize for having no knowledge on the transfer utility you speak of, I haven't really been paying attention to the gaming scene lately, too busy with school and getting sick of hearing about GeoHot and the BS he is doing in retaliation to Sony's completely legit lawsuit, I hope Sony wins BTW.

    No body will be able to answer that question for certain until the day arrives. If the employee you are working with is nice enough, I see no problem why they wouldn't let you take the 3DS out of the box and transfer the content. Otherwise you may get a complete prick of an employee that will refuses to let you open the 3DS without first giving up your DSi. Explain your situation, and like I said, if they have some sort of heart, I don't see why they wouldn't be willing to let you do the transfer. Depending on the implementation of the transfer utility, you may need a wi-fi connection, and GS may be hesitant to allow you on theirs, corporate restrictions/security concerns, so you may not even be able to do it in store anyways.

    I can almost 100% guarantee you they will not allow you to apply trade-in credit to a previous purchase, pretty much everywhere that offers trade ins has it stated somewhere that the credit for future purchases only, I would assume GS will have the same restriction apply for this transaction as well.

    I cannot answer the third question because I am not affiliated with Nintendo so I do not know their plans for that, but if it is going to follow anything like other consoles with something similar, I would say possibly, but some restrictions may apply, ie some more expensive games/popular/IDK games may be locked to the specific system, so it may transfer, but will not run once on the new one.

    I think you are thinking way too far into the future at this point, wait until the release of this transfer utility you speak of, and see what it offers, you never know, it may transfer it to the cloud for all we know, or more than likely to the SD card...wait, why can't you copy the DSiware title to the SD card, and once you have the 3DS copy the content off the SD card to the system...then again, I believe the title is locked to the system, thus the reason for the transfer utility?

    If somebody would be so kind and give me a link to the transfer utility information? I am interested now.
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    I think your question has been answered, but it just depends. Some store managers are cool, and would gladly let you transfer games, knowing that your downloads don't add trade-in value. Good customer service is when the employee puts themselves in your shoes, and treats the situation as if it were them.

    However, like someone said, it's likely the trade-in offer will expire before the 3DS is able to transfer games. If that's the case, you might save more money by doing the trade early, and taking a loss on your downloaded game.
  6. Nollog

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    3DS to 3DS software Transfers are coming in May along with the DSiWare transfers, but it's unclear if that's just 3DSWare, or if it includes DSi->3DS->3DS

    What I'd do is sell my DSi privately, or buy the 3DS, then trade in the DSi after you've transferred your software at home. Use the credit for games.

    System Transfer
    System Transfer is a feature that enables you to transfer downloadable software already purchased on a Nintendo 3DS system to another Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo DSiWare games & applications purchased on a Nintendo DSi or a Nintendo DSi XL system also can be transferred to your Nintendo 3DS.* This function will be available after hardware launch.
    *There is a limit to how many times transfers can be made. Some software may not be transferred. More Information Coming Soon
    About all we know.
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    Oh awesome, I was unaware that they'd already confirmed 3DS to 3DS transfers. Only problem is that I really don't think i can wait until 2 months after release before I purchase a 3DS.

    I may do as suggested where I trade my DSi in later and just use the credit for games, I mean I'll be buying later 3DS releases anyway (Zelda, Mercenaries, and probably Kid Icarus).