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Apr 20, 2021
HI there, I'm new on the forum and just made an account for this problem.

I know the last post is almost 1 year old but I'm having the same issue as the person below

Hello, i have been trying to do this, but I might be too inexperienced on the matter.

It seems i have a problem with the "Wii U Common Key", i got it from a "Pastebin" site and downloaded it as a .txt (it starts with D7... so i think is the one), this tutorial says that it must be on a .bin extension so i naively just renamed the file and the extension, then i did what the tutorial said and put the CDecrypt files, along with the renamed "ckey.bin",inside the game i downloaded from the "Funkii" app (I downloaded Yoshi's Island DS, because i want to inject Pkmn: Heart Gold Ver.). When I run the ".bat"file, it show an error on cmd that says: "Ckey is wrong length Press any key to continue..."

However, trying what they did, didn't solve anything. The issue stays the same. I checked, double checked and triple checked the key and it's the one. I know it's the right key, because I used it previously with TeconMoon's WiiVC injector and worked so I don't understand why it wouldn't work here...
ckey.bin is 32 characters long, which should be fine from my understanding and yet nothing...

Thanks in advance.
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