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    Sep 10, 2012
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    Excuse me but I need some assistance on how to fix the Wii U. You see I followed this guide here and everything was working just fine. A few days later my neice got to my gamepad and started up the CBHC channel by accident and installed over the CBHC hack. At first everything was running fine and dandy. Then sometime later I went to add games to my console (I was able to successfully add a few without issues) My console seems to be stuck in a boot loop. I looked around and I was able to mirraculously to switch to the homebrew launcher from the autoboot menu. However whenever I try to launch anything on the homebrew launcher the apps just freeze after the screen got black. Now my goal was just to try to remove the CBHC and reinstall the haxchi bit for extra measure. Also I can boot the Home Menu but it freezes after giving me the usual hold the power button for 4 seconds message.

    I have good news turns out I just needed to boot to the homebrew launcher itself (Not with Mocha) from the autoboot menu, start mocha then remove the CBHC and everything is working again.
    If someone is willing to close the topic I'd appreciate it. Also those who were in the same fire as me I feel it's more random so try multiple times on getting the homebrew menu working then hope and pray that mocha works.
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