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    Yes, there are several sites out there which offer a sort of "Wii Gamertag", but none of them offer you the ability to have a "Gamerscore". I was just playing my 360 earlier when I realized that the main reason I kept playing my games after I had defeated them was to buff up my Live gamerscore. Why can't the Wii have this? Yes, I suppose if it were community-created it would be based on a system of trust, thus making it possible for people to lie about their achievements, but I personally enjoy actually partaking in the required activity to get the set point value.

    Well, anyway, before I get to rambling about how said system would work, I would like to tell you why I think that WiiScores would be a good thing for the Wii. I believe that they would cause more "game-stickyness", that is to say that a person may beat a game, but instead of sticking it in their back closet (I'm not one for trade-ins. Numerous bad experiences), they would still keep on playing it to squeeze every ounce of fun out of the game that they could. In addition to this, a Wii Gamercard w/ WiiScore would be a fun way to show people on forums and in other communities that you're proud of your Wii (Pun wasn't intended at first).

    Alright, now on to the rambling. (Skip to ----FINISHED---- if you're not really interested about how the WiiScore system would work.)

    I actually started working on a system for this a little while ago (crashed and burned, though). My plan was to create a site where users would sign up and create a WiiCard, which would contain an avatar, their last 4 played games, their most recently finished game, their latest achievement icon, their Wii code, (possibly) their current Wii Points in the shop, and their WiiScore. To gain achievement points, the user would add a game to/select a game from their "Played Games" list, and select accomplished achievements from a list. These would then be tabulated and added to their score for the individual game, and also their overall WiiScore.

    The main pitfall with the idea of WiiChievements (see what I did there?) is that creating a list of achievements for every single solitary game in the Wii's game library would be an incredibly time consuming process, especially including those pesky "make-a-quick-buck" games being released by third parties left and right. That is why I came up with a system to distribute the creation of WiiChievements among the community. This system would operate in either one of two ways:[*] When looking over any list of games, if a game has not already had WiiChievements created for it, a small button/link would appear near it that would read "Request WiiChievement Creation", with another under that saying "Volunteer for WiiChievement Creation". Both links count as a vote toward the creation of a set of WiiChievements, and once at least 3 votes for a game have been counted, the game will have WiiChievement creation enabled. If no one has yet volunteered, the game's name would appear in a queue on the main page of the WiiCard site, promising an extra amount of WiiPii (WiiPoints that aren't in the Wii Shop Channel) for the first person to volunteer to create the WiiChievment set (The first person to volunteer to create a WiiChievement set is always the one to create the set). To provide an incentive for creating sets, WiiPii would be awarded each time a user created a set. An admin would have to approve the set before it becomes available.[*]When looking at a game's WiiChievement list, if the maximum WiiPii point value for the game has not been reached yet, a user can submit a new WiiChievment for admin approval and WiiPii value assignment.Personally, I think that system number two is probably the better system.
    Anyway, when a game is missing from the overall games list, a user can request it to be added by an administrator.
    I'm just throwing these ideas out there in case any other developer wants to carry on with my failed project. Also, this idea doesn't have to be limited to just Wii, it could just be a universal Nintendo score card majigger. That'd be pretty dang cool too, since the icons for DS releases already exist, an that there are more good DS games than good Wii games, since about 70 to 80 percent of what is released on the Wii is utter "lets-trick-people-into-buying-our-horrible-and-buggy-game-to-make-a-quick-buck" crap.


    Do any of you find that you play your "crappy" Xbox 360 games more than your good (or crappy) Wii games just to unlock the achievements? And do any of you think that WiiScores would be a good idea?
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    one simple answer:Microsoft has patent on the gamerscore system
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    Naah nintendo can't do that because there should probably be "top 10000000 player list" or something, but they couldn't show the nicks or profiles so it's pointless.
    That's because there could be bad people using EVIL NICKNAMES. And nintendo doesn't like that.
    but if you make you're own site with achievements and top lists. that's just ok, but people will be cheating their stats and it would be pointless anyway.
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    Competitive games should have some sort of roster, but single player games really don't need some arbitrary scoring system of achievements. Unlocking video clips or bonus characters or bonus missions or other content like that is fine (you know, actual content), that's what makes people replay the game and try to get 100%, but any kind of achievement for the sake of "achievements" alone is pretty pointless. Trying to artificially extend play time with "achievements" is just... Meh. [​IMG]
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    Like anyone online cares that brace-face beat a few games.
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    I know no one cares about my achievements, but man, I can't stop playing them. I agree that I play crappier games longer just to get achievements.
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    It's very true. Oh, and to all of you who say achievements suck:


    But it doesn't stop me, or anyone else for that matter, from being an achievement whore.
    I WOULD still prefer bonus content to be unlocked, but that's not going to stop me from playing "Super Busy Hospital" until I get all 50000 annoying achievements.