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Jan 23, 2009
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Djtaz...Help...can I pick your knowledge base...

Hey peeps!
New to all this..so here it goes...

Was updated to 3.4...regrettably!
Applied this:

This is an updated simple guide on how to install HBC + WiiGator Gamma BootLoader.

If you have the OCT 23rd 3.3 firmware or 3.4 firmware update the instillation of WAD/cIOS files will be blocked. You can go HERE and follow the first 3 steps (To make it clear follow the What You Need/Installing Homebrew Channel Guide/Wii Fix Guide) which will fix this limitation so you can install the files needed for the BootLoader (you do not have to downgrade the system).

If you have a previous cIOS installed due to an older bootloader version you will need to uninstall it.

Everything went fine..no problems that are at least visible. Playing backups without any problems of any kind[black scr, green scr..etc]!
Since the HBC install we only played backup to test our new Wii modification...decided to do our Wii Fit exercises & when the game disk was inserted the upper left channel starts to blink & ask us to perform a Wii Fit update.
Took out the disk & did nothing ..not knowing if this update would revert the Wii back to the state before HBC or if it would "brick" the sys.

Went into Wii's sys. just to check my current ver. status..presently even after the HBC was installed the Wii says it is version 3.4

Please advise as to how or what can be done so I can preclude this sys. from the updates or needing to reinstall each time something comes out...that would be not worth the Wii modifications. Djtaz is it possible to add a few more modification/steps to what I've already done to the console as is & fix this glitch? If you have a link or thread with a solution please advise. Thanks in adv. for the help!

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