Wii DualShock-Esque Grip Attachments B Button doesn't work

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  1. TeeR

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    Aug 31, 2012
    A while back I got a grip attachment for the Wiimote and it was the one that looked like a PlayStation Dual Shock Controller, complete with Dual Shock buttons, one being fake and one serving as button for the back B button of the Wiimote.
    The Button didn't actually work though so I opened it up and saw what the problem was.
    As you can see, the mechanism coming from the B button is suppossed to move the other mechanism that hits the Wiimote's B Button by being pushed down. However, since it's made in this unusual way, the B Button mechanism instead results in pushing down the other mechanism in the way of bending or even damaging it.
    Is there some way I could mod this so the B Button mechanism would properly push the other mechanism as it should?