1. pasc

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    Well after getting myself some Metroid Prime Triology for realz I played around a bit and then tried to dump the game to a USB Stick.

    It stopped at 0.3%.

    I left the Wii, and after about 2 hours decided to just shut it down because the progress was halted.

    Now however whenever I turn my Wii on I only get a black screen (also occurs with DVD & USB removed completly).

    Priiloader still boots up.

    The next problem is however:
    BootMii won't launch anymore, so I cannot simply rewrite my Wii with the previous nand and key bin files...

    Whenever I click "BootMii IOS" the screen just whitens and thats pretty much it.

    Is there a way to fix this via accessing the homebrew channe (I can still do that) and reinstall bootmii ?
    If so: how exactly do I do that without being able to launch the Wii's System menu ?

    Help is appreciated.
  2. scooby74029

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    May 7, 2010
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    get the new hackmii installer here
    put it in the apps folder and from HBC run the installer
    you can also use modmii from the stickies at the top of this forum to download a new system menu wad and the ios that goes with it and install them with a wad manager
    modmii is a pc program that will download the files you need

    you can get the wad manager from modmii also
  3. pasc

    OP pasc Newbie

    Hmmm just copying the boot.dol of BootMii was enough to reinstall BootMii

    I tried 2 different nand.bin&keys.bin combination however got the same result: the Wii still won't boot and is only accessible via Priiloader.

    Is there any way for me to fix my Wii ?

    To be all honest I don't even know what exactly went wrong...

    I played some Metroid Prime form the pruchased DVD.
    Then I tried to dump it via the GX USB Loader (to a 32 GB USB Stick and it froze ).

    Next thing was to force shutdown the wii.

    Afterwards I had the Wii in this miserable state


    Here is a syscheck (if that helps anyone):

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