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    Hey all,

    Today I bought a wifi dongle, so I could connect to the internet with pokemon black 2 (i couldn't connect through the router because we have a WPA2 security, which isn't supported by ds games).

    I also red the manuals to set up a nintendo zone at home and to use HomePass. Now i tried both. I tried to make a wireless accespoint with my dongle (named attwifi), i saw my 3ds saying that there was a nintendo zone nearby and i tried to acces it, then it showed an error (003-1105).

    I also followed every step from the second post of this manual( http://gbatemp.net/threads/homepass-chaldrons-mac-cycler-for-windows.352935/ , to set up you dongle/wifi acces point) and used MACycle version 1.2) but i got no streetpass hits.

    Does somebody know what i am doing wrong?
    thanx in advance

    p.s. Additional info:
    -i am running windows 7 as OS
    - my dongle is a tp-link model: TL-WN823N

    - i can find the accespoint on my android phone, i can connect but I dont have acces to the internet. So my guess is that the problem lays in the internet connection of the dongle or sharing the connection.

    in the picture attached i showed which connections i have.
    The first one is the laptops connection to the router
    the second one is from my wifi usb dongle
    the third one is the accespoint i created

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