Wierd 3DS Home screen 'brick' - help needed

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    My N3DS is running 11.0.0. I have used BASICSploit to access the Homebrew Launcher multiple times. Recently, I used PCHex++ to clone some Pokemon, and went back into the Home Screen when I was done. I opened up Pokemon Bank to put them in, but quit without saving because I wanted to do something on ORAS with them first. When I did, I was suddenly unable to use the D-Pad, Circle Pad, or touchscreen. I could only resume or close Bank.

    I restarted my DS, but the problem was still there. Bank is selected, and I can only press 'A'. I can't use it because I have to type my password in, which uses the touchscreen. I can still suspend/resume/close/open Bank, but that's it. I tried booting with no SD card, and again with only the 'Nintendo 3DS' and 'private' folders. Since I can't use the touchscreen, I have to hold the power button to shut off.

    I *may* be able to change my selected tile to ORAS, because putting a game card in changes the currently selected tile to the gamecard slot. However, I'm afraid that this might mess it up worse, somehow.

    Is my 3DS irreversibly bricked? Can I do something to fix this?
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    Wait, nobody's replied to this?

    Well, I'll give it a shot. To my very limited knowledge, the only possible brick from ARM11 user on latest firmware is by abusing the LED commands to blow out the notification light. The controls messing up looks like it comes from something else.
    Maybe try booting a DS game? If switching to TWL_FIRM doesn't do anything, it's probably hardware.
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    Idk, a Black Hole maybe?
    Try removing and reinserting the battery.