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    Oct 4, 2007
    My PAL wii has version 3.2. I installed the twilight hack when it came out, I got the homebrew channel. I downloaded some homebrew and installed a few Wiiware/ vc games. Everything works perfectly. But every time when I try to do something that has to do with backed up games. It doesn't seem to work. I downloaded the leaked version of the backup launcher by waninkoko. Burnt some discs it didn't work. I gave up on the backup launcher for a long time. Until I saw there was a backup launcher (didn't touch my Wii for a very long time) that was yesterday. Now, today I am really frustrated.

    And I will tell you why. I installed 5 USB/SD backup launchers. I use the waninkoko one (version 1.5). installed the latest cIOS rev 13 i think. I downloaded the cISO version of excite truck. Formatted my sd card to the wbfs format and used wbfs_inteligent to put the iso on my sd card.

    Everything worked fine. I was very excited to try it out. And when I saw the loading screen I was thrilled! But that was all...
    Just the loading screen. That was it? I was so pissed.
    So i put in my copy of Wii sports to install the game. It was installed succesfully. But when I boot it up I see a strange notification:
    restart your wii and read the wii manual blablabla.

    Please help me what am i doing wrong
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    Try installing te new Neogamma 8, everything works a treat for me, inclusing gmes I ould get working before