Why do I keep splurging on expensive stuff? (vent)


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Jun 21, 2018
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So, recently I purchased an RTX 3060 TI via a third party on Amazon on a whim. To give some background, I was about to embark on a six-day workweek to cover for a coworker who was on vacation at the time. As you know, my job gets stressful from time to time, and being a long stretch of workdays, I felt the urge to get myself something for sticking it out, for doing something I've never done at any job in the past. I've been working here for over two years and it's been a fantastic place to work, everyone treats each other with respect and kindness, supervisors actually care about their teammates and what have you. Anyway, back to my rant, so I got the card a few days ago, but I'm starting to get remorse for having spent *sigh* 850 dollars on the bloody thing, roughly 20% above the MSRP for this particular MSI card. Just because I had the money doesn't make it necessarily the right thing to just splurge at the drop of a hat, when any other cheaper thing would have sufficed. My rationale for doing this was to mitigate stress and help motivate me for having gone through the long work week and to commemorate working over two years. This is where I get conflicted, I already have the following:

- A PS5 Digital
- An Xbox Series X

I didn't need the upgrade, my 2060 S is still quite capable for 1440p on games that consoles can't run at 30 fps (Crash N Sane Trilogy for example, locked at 30 fps on consoles). I really need to be more patient with waiting to see if and when things get back to normal, I should have waited till it was at MSRP or on a sale of some kind, but no, like a fool I dived into the rabbit hole that is the third party market of scalpers. I should be content with what I already have, but I don't know why I feel this way after getting the card, and I'm planning on returning it back to Amazon, unless I can find a reason to keep it, or maybe sell it to someone at regular price. So basically, has this happened to anyone of you, and if so, how do you combat it and be more patient esp. when we're in a shortage right now? I'm venting, I know, and I should have thought it through, but I didn't. If this is the wrong section, I do apologize.

This is why the gba trading area exists... you should put the 2060 ti up for sale there.


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Feb 23, 2009
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It's that dopamine hit when ya get yourself something you really, really wanted, even if it ends up being a bit of a waste of money, eh.
As the euphoria fades, you then get buyers remorse and the like.
Yeah, I try to only buy one thing a year that I want.

The annoyance is that everything just got expensive, so the stuff that I was waiting for is now 50% more expensive than if I'd bought it last year & that is annoying the hell out of me now.
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