1. NM007

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    Nov 19, 2015
    United States
    My SKy3DS Plus from 3DSSKY.com arrived several days ago.
    But meet some problem with the 64GB memory card .

    i used a red Sandisk 64GB memory card at the first time,
    when inserted to sky3ds+ , it is very very very difficult to take the memory card out from sky3ds plus.

    Then i used classic(all black) Sandisk 64GB memory card,
    everything is ok, easy to insert and easy to take off.

    Then i compared the two memory cards,
    Red Sandisk 64GB memory cad is really a little thick than black Sandisk 64GB memory card.

    so, please don't use Red Sandisk 64GB memory card in your sky3ds+,
    or you will meet problem to take it out

    My Sandisk 64GB memory card pictures:

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