Which Is A Better Battery Pack?

Discussion in '3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by Transdude1996, Nov 20, 2012.

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    The Nyko PowerPak+ is officially licensed and it is excellent (I was able to get nearly 10 straight hours of battery life using the battery hogging flashcart DStwo, or more than 12 hours with an r4ids.cn R4i Gold 3DS). (In comparison, with a stock battery I got around 5 1/2 hours with DStwo and 7 1/2 with the R4i Gold 3DS.)
    I get that you're not in favor of replacing your battery but in my opinion it also makes the console more comfortable to hold for long periods of time. The surface is rubberized which I like as well.
    Can't give a comparison to your selection though, as I have not seen either of the ones you linked before, in person.
    PowerPak+ is easy to install so long as none of the screws in your real bottom panel are stripped. Mine came with the proper screwdriver for the job too.
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    The ones I have in mind are as follows:

    Nyko Power Grip
    It TRIPLES the battery life of the 3DS giving about 12-15 hours of gaming!
    It has cut out grips hence the name. (Can be a con for some people)

    POWER A PowerCase
    It double the battery life. (Like most other powercases)
    It acts like a rubberized case.
    Comes with FREE stylus which is stored in the actual case.
    Covers most of the 3DS to protect from falls. (In comparison with the Power Grip that only covers the bottom half)

    Which one is for you is up to you to find out!