Gaming Which file in the unpacked rom of MP10 contains the title photo?


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Dec 13, 2017
United States
Recently I think I have discover the file who has contain the title photo of Mario Party 10, its this file: C:\Mario Party 10 [ABAP01]\content\common\result\layout\title.arc
Then I have extract the arc file and I get three folder (anim, blyt and timg) whos contain this:




Now I have try to extract this files but nothing file contains a image file that I can edit. I thought that in this title.arc file is the title photo of Mario Party 10, but I can´t found it.
Does anybody know where I can found the title photo of MP10?
Is it in the title.arc file? or somewhere else?
I hope really that anyboby can and want to help me.
Thank you for your answers
Best Regards

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