Which cellphone to get?

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    Well, I've been thinking about getting a new phone for my birthday, I've been spending more money on necessities lately so I haven't as much to spend on games and other stuff as I'd wish so I have roughly only 200€ to spend, I've been checking a few phones and well two of them interested me:

    - Sony Xperia U (Price: 189.90€)
    - Samsung Galaxy W (Price: 229.90€ but has 30% discount so it becomes around 160€ or so)

    If you know of any other in this price range, you could also suggest it, I'm really interested in the Xperia one since it looks so slick and has a really nice screen (besides, I got pretty good internet speed so I have no issues with the cloud storage instead of memory card).

    Edit: Forgot to add this link, it has both phones specs: http://geekaphone.co...amsung-GALAXY-W
    Edit 2: More detailed info about each. http://www.esato.com/phones/compare.php?phone=916&cp=857