Where do the Wii games save? (CFG Loader)

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by Shigakure, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Shigakure

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    Where do the Wii games on a Flash Drive saved?, I thought it was inside the SD card, but I went to my brother's house, he also has a Wii U with homebrew channel and I brought my SD card and my flash drive, and all the games are from the beginning, not saved, if I want to play Zelda Skyward Sword already saved at my brother's house, what am I suppose to do?

    Thank you
  2. TotalInsanity4

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    They should be saved to the console. If you want to copy the save, insert your SD card, go to save data section of system settings, copy the save that you wish to use in your console, then move that copy to the SD card. From there, take out the SD card, insert it into your console, the go into the save data settings and move the copied save to the system
  3. Mr. Mysterio

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    I would also recommend Savegame Manager GX. That transfers saves more completely, and it works even on protected saves like for Mario Kart Wii.
    PS: If you don't have a cIOS installed, you can use Savegame Installer and Savegame Extractor instead.
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  4. Heran Bago

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    The saves are on your Wii like normal Wii games.
    Listen to this guy.
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