Whats worth playing with SCUMM?


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
Most things that are not edutainment or sports games on that list (so last three sections can probably be skipped) are some flavour of great game that either inspired a style of gameplay, continued it or was even a high water mark within it. At worst anything that is not that will likely be of historical significance, something you probably have an interest in if you are asking a question like this.
Several are very much on the old side and should be approached accordingly. Whether the SCUMM setup will be the version I pick (I have not checked all of them but if they don't do the DOS or Amiga versions then do check) I don't know but if it is more about the games themselves then yeah lots of good stuff in that.

That stand out
Might and Magic games. Personally I like some of the later efforts but these ones are going to showcase some great stuff in the development of western RPGs.
King's Quest and most other things on the AGI list, slightly less so SGI (there are a few meh games on that).
Broken Sword is not as well known as some might like but its fanbase rivals anything I have ever seen elsewhere in games in dedication and whatnot, and not without reason. The other titles from the same company are similarly notable.
The Ultima franchise... suffice it to say this was one of the earlier titles to feature save transfer between games and branching story accordingly.
Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2. A classic point and click.
Games wise I don't know if I would say do Discworld if you have not read any of the books or at least seen the TV films. If you have to do a game I would suggest Discworld Noir.
"Other Game Compatibility Chart" has loads of legendary games. Indeed you are more likely to have one if you search those randomly than you are to get a meh one.
7th guest. I am more about 11th hour than it but puzzle game wise it is a groundbreaking title.
Myst. Probably the sort of thing you ought to play to say you did. Try to avoid FAQs for a while.
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