What is the correct way to share 3ds save file?

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    Does anyone know if a 3ds save file of a game contains any information of the 3ds is played on? For example i know that sharing a 3ds save file that with a online header is a no go.
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    The best way to share a save file is with a SaveDataFiler dump (or another app that dumps in the same format like svdt, SDM, NTR-CFW), since the dump is decrypted and can therefore be used with any header or with CIAs.
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  3. lemanuel

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    Dec 11, 2014
    Any save is connected to the header of the rom from where it was created. Even if there was no header, that will just mean the save will only work on other roms with no header.

    So the correct way to share it is by exporting the save with savedatafiler (or similar app) so that the contents of the save are unencrypted and not linked to any header. That way any person can use the same kind of app to import it back again.

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  4. suloku

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    Apr 28, 2008
    Keep in mind that some games have unique IDs, like Pokemon Shuffle, so if you share that file your online profile will multiplicate.
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