1. migles

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    Sep 19, 2013
    When i sold my 3ds i kept a backup of the sd card. but the "nintendo 3ds" folder is taking more than 50GB and i wanted to get rid of this backup.
    is there something inside that can be used or that i may had forgot to transfer to a new console?

    when i got rid of the 3ds i made a nand backup, extracted saves and miis, i am afraid that i had forgot something that was worth to move into a new console
    I didn't used the 3ds transfer thing, so i believe there is nothing inside that i can use anymore?
  2. TurdPooCharger


    Jan 1, 2018
    United States
    I got bad news.

    Your Nintendo 3DS folder can't be used on another 3DS system because the contents and files are encrypted / tied to that specific one it came from. *

    * Unless you extracted something called the movable.sed file from within the NAND backup.

    To get to the movable.sed, you need the original 3DS to mount that NAND image, which this too is encrypted. **

    ** Unless you have the essential.exefs and/or otp.bin files, allowing you to mount the NAND image on desktop with fuse-3ds.

    To get to both essential.exefs and/or otp.bin files, you need the original 3DS to extract them from...


    I don't suppose you ever made backups of your game saves using Checkpoint or JKSM?
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