What can be done with a 9.00 PS4 Slim?


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Apr 5, 2009
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i've generally stuck to using my Modded Switch for alot and my Xbox One S for the few things in emulation that bogs down the Switch. i took notice of the 9.00 exploit back in december and have generally left it alone (by going as far for the time being, banning it's MAC Address in my router [i only ever used it over wifi] disabled the connection on the system as far as removing the SSID . I didn't want to leave to chance to be in a rushy mood to do something where i might just go " *spam x to get prompts outta the way* to play something.

i didnt much care for anything online ( and barely portal knights if at that.. ) and since building a newer pc i had even less care to use my ps4 online for FFXIV when i had a mood of "Couch gaming." and just recently-ish my second profile which had far more games than the first one was banned (save editing.) my mood was just flat gone on caring about online play. and the last reason i pretty much left as it was for now was FF7 Remake. given theres rumors out, leaked info on it (which i take with a grain of salt on it) and how the latest handfull of titles from SE are only targeting the PS5 now that things are ever so slightly calming down, i just dont see FF7R part 2 targeting the PS4 or rather it'll prob perform as haphazardly shite as Cyberpunk did.

it's still on 9.00, no idea if at this point if the console was banned or not, and i only just dusted the system off after picking up "The Cruel King and the Great Hero" for 40$,

i can tell obviously theres Emulation, ( i dont know what a Non pro could run much more than the switch in term of emulation outside n64/dreamcast that the switch cant or rather better than the switch.. , i heard there is linux distros that you can run, but i hadnt looked at it how the performance is like for non pros as the only thing i know that its Worse on pro's due to drivers, and the newest titles i have my my collection physically or digitally, are 9.00 playable [ Both Nier titles, FF7R part 1, and The Cruel King and the Great Hero ] ,

are there self-hosts out for the 9.00 exploit? ( as well as ones that can run on linux, as i have a NAS that runs a small webserver on my network) is it pretty much like HEN on PS3? (I.E. somewhat limited), i assume theres small brick risks, are there easy guides much like there is out there for Wii, WiiU, Switch n 3DS modding guides? and generally what can you do w/ a 9.00 PS4?
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