what are the best cios' to use?

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    Apr 26, 2009
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    okay so i've been looking around and all the ios talk is making my head spin, so i need to know what ios' do what and which ones are the best to use.

    i have cios 36 rev 10, i know waninkoko has updated it upto rev13-b but i heard its not so stable.
    i have heremes' cios 222 and 223, from what i understand 222 helps the usb loaders load alternative dols i really have no clue what 223 is for.

    and i have been reading things about ios 60 and 61 for the hbc but im not sure which to use or why.
    also i have been reading that ios 202 was better wifi support but i'm unsure about which one im using for wifi.

    so heres what i need, is there a thread or wiki somewhere that explains which ios' you should be using for what, and something that linked to the installers would be great too.

    so come on help a noob out, so i can learn how to get the most out of my wii, i dont mind reading a few threads to get my answer so you dont have to spoon feed me, but i dont want to sift through all of the threads out there because theres just to much conflicting information.

    so if you know of a few really good threads that could help me out please link me to them.
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    Nov 2, 2008
    hi there, you should google 'cios 38 rev 14' or check waninkoko's site for the download link.

    Custom IOS rev 14 has just come out, i am on rev 10 myself but am updating tonight to rev 14, it is new and has a tonne of bug fixes and tweaks like usb/sd nand, google it and install (network installation recommended)

    so just to finish off...

    1. update homebrewchannel and get BOOTMii, and DVDX or get them from Wiibrew.org and install bootmii as boot2 - do this first as it will stop your wii from getting bricked

    2. get CIOS REV 14 and install with HBC (full homebrew support with awesome features)

    3. update through nintendo (settings/update/yes)(to get all ios needed)

    4. patch ios60 with ios 60/61 patcher (to enable loading of wads from sd card menu which is uber cool)

    5. use trucha restorer (found on wiibrew or this site somewhere-opens all ios from nintendo update to homebrew)

    6. (not needed but good) google for and install MIOS, this allows you to run gamecube backups from DVD.

    7. (not needed but good) check the backup loader section here at gbatemp and get neogamma r6 to play backup wii games from disc, usb and sd card.

    you are done. Now enjoy your wii the way ninty should have made it in the first place.
    with the correct apps on your sd card you now are able to play dvds with MPLAYER CE, load anything from usb ports(movies/photos/music/games), also if you get the HOMEBREW BROWSER from wiibrew.org you can download loads of free apps and games straight through your wii onto your sd card. genius,... plus much more

    hope that helps some.
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    So you can update through nintendo and it wont cause any problems? I have quite an old firmware version as i brought the Wii of my sister and she never used it, i think it was 3.1E or something along those lines.

    I used the bannerbomb to install the HBC and am using cIOS 38 rev13b, i will update to 14 and then you recommend running the Nintendo update, so will that have any issues with the wads i have installed, i.e USB Loader GX.

    Sorry, i am a bit of a n00b to this.

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    (just use this guide: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=144835)

    cIOS installers are in my sig or the USB loader GX readmiiV2 (also in sig [​IMG]) Actually the guide in the readmii (under [1a] installation) is better as it was updated more recently. But use the guide of the guy above. You can update officially.

    Reason for edit: seen the guide and no good idea[/p]
  5. steelsie

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    Feb 28, 2007
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    Cool, thanks buddy, i will have a read of the readmii [​IMG]

  6. steelsie

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    Feb 28, 2007
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    Awesome, i now have BootMill, 4.1E, cIOS r14, Trucha bug restorer, USB Loader GX latest version and it works a dream, all my games that were not working before are now working.

    You guys rock [​IMG]