Western digital sleep mode issue

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    There appears to be some discrepancy regarding Western Digital My Passport devices. Some people say there are sleep mode issues. Others say there are not. This thread's purpose is to clarify.

    According to this list, http://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/index.php/USB...patibility_List

    250 gb = good (5 ratings)

    320 gb = ??

    Western Digital 320 GB My Passport Essential - states there are no sleep mode issues (7 ratings)
    Western Digital 320 GB My Passbook - there are sleep mode issues (3 ratings)

    My clarifications
    - regarding 320 gb. I believe "my passbook" is a typo. A quick google search regarding "western digital my passbook" turned up insignificant results
    - with that said, that means that 320 gb has a possibility of sleep mode issues. in fact, there are many threads out there documenting this issue
    - however, note that there are also others who have the same 320 who claim they do not suffer from sleep mode.
    - to take the side of caution, avoid 320 gb passport if you plan on buying a new HD solely for wii hacking purposes

    -i haven't heard much about WD 250 gb passport. however, the link above shows 5 ratings so you can judge yourself...

    - there appears to be no such thing as a fool proof drive.

    please post your thoughts. i will update this post accordingly.
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    Do not rely on the list for sleepmode at all guys, only use it to see if a drive will be detected or not. SO MANY people added their drives to it and said it does not have sleep mode issues, because they just played for 2 mins to see if a game will boot!
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    i have a 320gb and it never sleeps as long as i use ultimate v7