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Jul 12, 2012
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I've been playing Brawlhalla since it released on PS4 and I'm enjoying it immensely. it's not as polished or deep as the Super Smash Bros games but it still ignites the same frenzied thrill of combat in me that i get while playing the SSB games.

it's a free to play multiplayer arena fighting game with a sizable roster and decent mechanics. a selection of free characters rotates weekly, and completing matches earns an in-game currency that you can spend on any character. there are a boatload of cosmetics that are unfortunately only attainable by spending real money, but you can play the whole game and unlock every character without spending a cent.

anyone else into Brawlhalla? which characters do you like or dislike? any favorite weapons? i like Teros, Ember, and Jhala the most although i have yet to find a character i didn't enjoy playing. axes, grapple hammers, and bows are my favorite weapons and i dislike rocket lances. using them makes me feel cheap and fighting them can be frustrating for me. what do you all think?

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    Drink water check your blood sugar check your blood pressure get your eyes checked
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    Some vitamin deficiencies and food allergies
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    Also it could be a tumor lol
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    I was already cleared of tumors surprisingly
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    Heard caffeine actually helps from some doctors
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    It depends, if your low on water it will make it worse
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    If it's just the blood vessels constriction than yes caffeine works
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    Coffee has water in it :angry:
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    I'm devoking your psychology degree
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    But caffeine is a diarettic
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    It causes you to expunge water from your cells
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    Some of those cooling gel masks look pretty decent
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    Hey, can you guys text a little less loudly? I'm still sleeping. ok?
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    Fu I spent $200 on this mechanical keyboard I'm going to use it
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    FU. You mean You STOLE that keyboard, AND the $200
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    @Veho, Psi did tell me that was the hospital department he worked in
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    true. he did say that
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    That's why he's glued to monitor displays
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    Said he was a researcher, and security on the side I believe.
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    Small excuse to taze people with brain injury
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