Weird menu brick on 4.3

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by WiiCrazy, Mar 31, 2015.

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    Hi there,

    Long time no see :)

    I got this wii sent to fix by a local forum attendee. When A is pressed the menu music starts to play and a few seconds on it just freezes.

    I smashstacked the wii, installed homebrew channel and see what it got. The owner of the wii says he got priiloader and he mistakenly updated system menu. I believe the update procedure probably halted while extracting system menu package since it encountered an error because of existing files in the nand. It probably installs the system menu after deleting all custom channels / stubbing custom ioses and so on. All the extra stuff the owner installed seems already deleted or stubbed out. (I already installed custom IOS 236 and priiloader by the way)

    And I also think just installing 4.3 menu will probably fix it. But I don't just want to risk it since it's not my wii. Anyone with bootmii protection has ever encountered and/or fixed such an issue?

    I guess by installing 4.3 menu with a wad installer will result in one of these

    a. Profit (Priiloader removed)
    b. The exact same issue at the start (Priiloader removed)
    c. Full brick

    What are my chances do you think?

    ps: By the way, thinking again chances that c will happen seems to be too slim. Since nand extraction will just overwrite what exists already on the nand. The slim possibility is the system menu dol file getting written prematurely.
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    A system menu update will NEVER full brick a Wii. All it can do is remove stuff like HBC, Priiloader, and cIOSes.
    Anyway, do you have a way of booting homebrew? That could be anything from bootmii boot2 to Priiloader. To see if you have Priiloader, turn off your wii, then turn it back on while holding RESET.
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    If you can run homebrew then it would be worth doing a sysCheck and looking at the system menu IOS before installing the 4.3 system menu wad, it might not even be there if the old system menu was low enough. I believe 4.3 runs from IOS80, so that is the one you want to look for. If you install the 4.3 wad and the IOS that it uses isn't there then it bricks.

    edit - you may just want to grab modmii and download all the stuff for a 4.3 softmod, that way you can get all the correct IOS installed. You may also want to find out what troubles the Wii before updating it.
  4. WiiCrazy

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    May 8, 2008
    IOS 80 is surely there since there is working menu except it fails to load something from nand probably.

    I already installed priiloader and yes system menu installation could lead to a full brick even though the chances are really slim. Say the electricity cut off while it was writing the menu executable and it just thrashed that file. A corruption in any resources for system menu which are loaded before checking an autoboot disc or recovery mode device. (Such an implementation would be a bad design for Nintendo's part though...)

    I have the chance to test it already since I got an old wii (has bootmii@boot2 ) but I'll test my chances instead on this one. I hope I don't get caught by a power outage in the middle of the process which is really a big possibility these days in my country :) See the news article.

    Edit: It turned out to be a banner brick. Don't know why IOS 249 and so on are stubbed. The user probably updated from a game disc after brick or I just didn't looked enough if there are any other cios in the machine.
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