WBFS Partition not working

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    May 3, 2008
    Ok so I just got a brand new seagate 320 GB harddrive and I made a 250 gb partition formatted to NTFS opened in WBFS manager 3.0 formatted to WBFS but when I try to copy my games onto it, it says cannot access drive and when I click on the drive on my computer it says error parameter is incorrect. What am I doing wrong? (sorry if this is the wrong section)
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    You have to use a WBFS manager tool to put anything on a WBFS partition. No operating system knows how to deal with a WBFS partition.

    It's better now anyway to simply use a FAT32 (yes, even better to use than NTFS) and put scrubbed games in .iso or .wbfs format for each game. Games larger than 4GB scrubbed need to be broken down into chunks. There are tools available to scrub and break down those images.

    Edit, sorry, didn't realize you were using the WBFS Manager to try to install the games. You're probably running into a permissions error. Make sure you're running the program in full administrative mode.
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