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    Hello guys, i don;t know if i'm in the right section but let me know if not.

    So my wavebird's joystick have been tilting to the right (in game character go right by itself) so i wanted to change the joystick box. I was wondering 2 things: first which 2-axis joystick should i use as replacement and 2, how do i remove the black part on the motherboard?

    The sides with the shoulder pcb lift just fine but when i get to the middle, even when i press the 2 top clips, it's like the platic is glued to the board. how do i remove that? it needs to come off so i can access the solder pins of the joystick underneath it.

    All replacement video and tutorials are for a regular gc controller and even ifix it have a crappy repair guide (basically remove screw and pull part)

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't see a problem with posting in this section :)
    I've had to fix a GC controller joystick before that broke (though it was a regular wired controller.) You should be able to unscrew the main boar d from the case and access the back of the board, where the pins on the bottom of each stick should be soldered. You can either get someone to pull on the joystick while you melt each soldered pin in succession until it pops out, or use desoldering wick to remove the solder. What I did instead of ordering a new part was just to desolder the C-stick as well and swap them, so the broken part is on the C-stick instead of the main one. Sorry this reply was so late! Good luck!
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