Watch_Dogs 2 Online Trailer

Ubisoft's trailer for it's sequel to 2014's Watch_Dogs showcases the online features that the game will have. Watch_Dogs 2 will have co-op story missions and new areas to explore, and a score-attack mode. There will also be online invasions where you must defend or invade your base while staying undetected. The last mode is called Bounty Hunter, where other players online will hunt you down for a reward in a PVP style. Successful completion of missions in co-op mode will affect single player mode by giving you access to bonus hacking tools.

Watch_Dogs 2 is set to release November 15, 2016 for PC/Xbox One/PS4.

Watch Dogs 2 puts a big emphasis on collaboration and cooperation between hackers, and that's reflected in its online multiplayer action. Blending seamlessly with the single-player experience (while also being completely optional), the multiplayer offers a chance to befriend, chase, and hack other players.

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I'd give Watch Dogs 1 a 4/10 Graphics and a 3/10 for story and a 2/10 for uniqueness. I will not buy this game.

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