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    Aug 31, 2016
    iinstall wad manager with contra rebirth ,game loading but get stuck on DO YOU WANT TO SAVE YES OR NO i cant select yes or no ,need help

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    is the game the same region than the console?
    are you using any particular controller? (non official one, or classic controller instead of wiimote, did you try with/without the nunchuk? or are you using a wiimote+ ?)
    maybe some games are not working with a wiimote+, but the rebirth series are more recent than m+ I think, they should work with the motion plus.

    try other games, or try a different wiimote if you have any.
    be sure the game is the correct region too. some game can have issues if out of region.

    Also, you didn't mention it, but I suppose you installed the game to your Wii internal memory ?
    You know about EmuNAND ? (making a copy of your memory to your SD or USB and installing games to that copy instead of the real memory location)
    using emuNAND is problematic with some "rebirth" series, like Castlevania. So if you are using emuNAND that's maybe your issue too.