vWii Neek2o issues

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    I'm also stating what I'm telling based on the sources (openingBNR.cpp@217, if cache is disabled or not found):
    const char *pathPrefix = (header->type == TYPE_GAME_EMUNANDCHAN) ? Settings.NandEmuChanPath : "";
    it reads emuNAND Channel path, and not emuNAND save path

    If there's an already cached bnr file, it loads it based on the titleID listed by the loader's global game list array.
    If the loader can list the game, and detect the proper TitleID, there's no reason it doesn't load it.

    so, maybe there's a bug, and you are right and some conflict is possible, but I just checked the sources once again and (the few I spent there) I didn't see anything related to NAND Save in any animated banner related sources.