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    Does anyone know the best video editing software i can use to create decent looking game reviews?

    I'm currently using ArcSoft 5 and it's alright BUT just doesn't have enough features! All the transitions, texts and effects are really basic and boring like Microsoft power point style! Theres also only space for one other image track and you can't add more :S For example if I want to use 2 images over the video, or just have an image for a few seconds as the main video it won't allow that!

    I want to be able to create something like the Zelda Timeline videos that gametrailers does, and I know that would take a lot of practice to master but i'm willing to put that time in because I want these videos to look good :)

    This is how the zelda timeline one looks:

    Main sort of features i guess would be:
    • To be able to animate 3 or 4 photos to a position over a background/ Video
    • Add text that can be animated across the screen
    • Great transitions (that's not a big issue though!)
    • Ability to have 2 videos at once, with one slightly opaque to see the one behind it (ghost like effect)
    I'm not too fussed about the ability to create models and animate them though :)
    If anyone can help me out i'd be extremely grateful! Thanks!
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    I forgot
    Adobe Premiere or Sony Vega Pro are generally the ones most people use on Windows.
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    Nov 26, 2013
    yea ,was about to say sony vegas is the way to go.
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    Jan 2, 2011
    You realize that they use hefty, paid for video editing programs, right? It's why they can do so much. Regardless, there are a few definitive video editing programs. They're simply better than their competition on the same platform in pretty much every way, and for anybody that wants to do some serious, worthwhile video editing, they're worth learning.

    Programs you may want to consider:
    For PC: Sony Vegas Pro
    For Mac: Final Cut Pro

    Also consider Adobe After Effects for even more editing fun, though, from what I know, this is best used in conjunction with another video editor.

    All of the above will have a hefty learning curve, but all of them should also have well documented youtube tutorials for just about anything you'll want to do. As well, unless you want to drop several hundred dollars, all should be easy to pirate.
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    Adobe Premiere..

    ...or Sony Vegas if you prefer...

    ...or Final Cut, though Final Cut would be my last choice.

    Of course if you wanna go ultra old school, get a Video Toaster 4000. ;)
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    Aug 11, 2007
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    Wow thanks alot for the quick replies guys!

    Yeah I'd guessed that but I assumed there was something a little more basic with the few functions I wanted, Thanks for the advice!

    So i guess it's sony vegas pro!

    My Dad actually has spent a hell of a lot of time on Vegas Pro 12 so he'll be the one to ask on that one i think, that's why I mentioned I don't need modelling capabilities, that's the sort of thing he does on it hahaha

    He gave me the disc for Vegas Pro 10, is that just as good or would you guys recommend going the whole way? Keeping in mind I've got 4gig of RAM, 1GB Graphics card and a 1GB sound card, 3core 2.1Ghz processor, is that enough? I've literally never had a decent computer, I practically use my phone for everything I need to do :P
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    Pimping me own thread --, I have a chroma keying (greenscreen) example and I am getting quite close with the HBO homage both just needing to be written up to add to that.

    Before I get too far into that though I should say you can probably do a lot of what you want with your existing editor if you think through it, my suggestions will allow you to do it with ease though.

    For what it is worth if you want to create good game reviews do you

    1) Script some stuff or at least add some extra footage in post?

    2) Edit your footage down, then edit some more?

    3) Script something?

    That alone will put you so far ahead of most video reviewers that I see on the internet that it is not funny.

    My weapon of choice is avisynth. Though if you are on linux then kdenlive will do well. Both are free and open source.


    By animated text did you mean tracked text or just text that goes where you tell it and moves how you tell it?

    On transitions I am afraid it would take my encoder hours to make up a clip of all of the ones available in (once you have avisynth if you install that plugin then it includes a script at the end of that link with all of them in).
    Even by default you have straight cuts, fade in, fade out (including to colours of your choice) and a dissolve type effect. Zooms, jump zooms and more can easily be made yourself using default functionality as well.

    Attached is a quick demo, very badly encoded to keep the size small and zipped so I could attach it on the forum.

    Edit. Thought I might as well spin off another demo.

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    Yeah basically I'll have an idea, record a little, then see how that goes, if it's boring I'll re-script and see if I can make it more entertaining, i'm crap at improv! In the end i'll watch it through, if i feel it needs anything adding I'll do it post. Atm i'm just doing lets plays, coz all i need to do is record and talk through it, I enjoy them and I can just add the audio track straight over, no effects needed, just figured i'd broaden my horizons a little :P

    I take some footage then edit it (basically trimming is what I have to work with...) and i've got one other available video track but sticking a picture/ video in there just slaps it right over the top... I can chose to re-size it, but that track is just a solid block, i'd like more freedom to maybe have it in motion, like the pictures in your demos there!

    And with the text, I don't need tracked, just as you say move where i want it to over a time period. Kinda like the pictures! It's just a precaution as i might not NEED it, but if i do it's there :)

    I'll take a look at your thread tomorrow, i'm SHATTERED so g'night!