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    Jul 13, 2009
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    So I looked at UPS' tracker, and my M3 Lite is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Lately, I've been playing through lots of pokemon hacks on VBA's latest build. They're all hacks that are really long w/ 16 badges and stuff, so therefore require the save type to be flash 128k. I was just wondering, will the .sav's work on my new flash cart? It'd really be a shame if they didn't, seeing as I've got some excellent teams and even some shinies D:

    If there's a conversion process that needs to be done, please link me the appropriate software. I want to have everything ready for tomorrow when it shows up [​IMG]
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    The process is a little dubious but can be done.

    You will need the M3 Game Manager Software.
    First you must send your rom files to your microsd card
    through the M3 Game Manager's software. For pokemon games
    you must use Hardware Patch Number 1. It will automatically
    create a saver file for each of your roms.

    When in the M3 Game Manager software view the contents of your
    microsd card. You will see the rom images that you sent over.
    Right click on them and you will see the option save manager.

    First click on the name of the game so that it is highlighted.
    On the left side of the save manager window you will see read .sav write .sav
    You want to choose the option write.sav and just find your VBA file to convert.

    If this process does not work you might have to play the game and save it once.
    Then try the procedure over again.
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    Jul 22, 2009
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    There's a really good sav. file converter here in the dl section. I've used it and it's great.
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    Could you list the name of the converter Pliskron?

    Also this might be of use. It is also a save converter.

    I have used it to go from the m3's .dat to .sav so I'm sure it works the other way around too.