Emulation VBA turning windows 16-BIt and slowing down game.


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Jun 27, 2007
United States
Hiya. I just downloaded VBA today to play me some good old GBA games.

I've never played Minish Cap, so I go and get it, boot it up, and play the first temple. Win!

I then boot it up again later, and my screen flickers black like the resolution has been changed!
Then in the lower right hand corner of my computer, it says "Windows has been changed Windows Vista Basic" blahblah.

I'm like: "Mk. Whatever works."

Then I go to play. And it's running at 40% framerate. The heck!?

And now every time I start it up, it does this.

I'm running Vista, if it matters.

EDIT: I just renamed the .sav file.
Booted it up again and ran just fine Watched a new .sav file become created. Then closed VBA, and reloaded the game again, and it changed resolution once again! The .sav file must be the problem.

EDIT 2: I don't really know if ti's 16-bit. That was just me speculating

EDIT 3/Solution? :

I loaded it up again, and tried to change it to full screen (800x600). It looked very much messed up. So I hit cancel.
Then everything was looking right. The game running at full speed. I can maximize the window, too.

It seems if I want to play a game, I have to go through this procedure.
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