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    Jul 11, 2019
    United States
    Hi all,

    I got an original DS rumble pak (NTR-008) and what I assume is a 3rd party one that fits flush with a DS Lite.

    Anyway, I can't get either of them to work in Lameboy or Gameyob using my DS Lite. Gameyob just grays out the rumble option in the menu, and Lameboy does allow me to turn it on, but if I press "test rumble" with the original rumble pak, it just rumbles for a microsecond and then stops forever, no reaction in a game like Pokemon Pinball. If I try the test with the 3rd party one, it rumbles full force all the time.

    I'm running Gameyob and Lameboy on an r4i SDHC. What's weird to me is that both rumble paks work fine in DS games like Metroid Prime Pinball. I also tried a Cyclo DS Evo, which behaves the same, except that the 3d party rumble pak goes into full force continuous rumble as soon as I open the CycloDS menu. The original rumble pak works fine in DS games, but does nothing in the GameBoy emulators.

    Any suggestions? I think the Gameyob readme only confirms it working with Wario Ware Twisted and the EZ 3in1 rumble pak, so maybe I just happen to have the wrong rumble paks? Or do I need an EZ Flash V to make this work?
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  2. dcx6723

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    Mar 24, 2016
    Only 3in1 and Wario Ware supported sadly.

    if (isRumbleInserted())
    rumbleInserted = 1; //Warioware / Official rumble found.
    else if (rumbleID != 0)
    rumbleInserted = 2; //3in1 found
    rumbleInserted = 0; //No rumble found
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