Use Nes / Snes controller on Wii

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    Jun 1, 2016
    I hope here is any guy which is good in elctronics:

    I have a couples of nes and snes controllers and i want to use them on the wii via the game cube port. For this i found already a Project where the task looks quite simple:

    Anyhow, i think the cheapest / easiet way would be to use a stm32 / stm8 as there are very cheap "dev-boards" (roughly $1,50) on aliexpress, so i would like to go this way, as I would not need any aditional hardware.

    Now to my question(s):
    On the website linked above everithing is written in asambler, so, do I have to reprogram it or is there a way to port it to ST chips? If not, can the hex/ assembler code be used on an atmega32 as well (on the webpage there is only anounced atmega8 and atmega16)?

    Thanks, Edizius