USBLoaderGX Nand Emulation no NEEK option

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    Hi Guys,

    I tried to set up neek2o with USBLoaderGX on my Wii today.
    USBLoaderGX was already set up. Only the neek part is new. I followed this guide to set it up.

    USBLoaderGX 3 rev. 1262

    What I did exactly:

    1. Formatted my HDD as FAT32 (only 1 Partition)
    2. Created a folder on my USB HDD usb:\nands\nanddump
    3. Set 'Nand Emu Path' and 'Nand Emu Channel Path' to said folder
    4. Did a full nand dump from the Wii
    5. Created the neek files using modmii (UNEEK+DI neek2o rev96)
    6. Copied the generated files to the sd / usb hdd
    7. Installed 'neek2o NK2O_1.wad' to the dumped nand using USBLoaderGX
    I can boot into neek using the 'boot to neek' feature in USBLoaderGX.
    I already changed the Region Free Setting and the Block Update Setting to ON in NEEK

    My SD card is completely empty aside form the Loader and the neek files.

    If I try to change the Nand Emu Mode for a single Wii game, I only have the options global, off, partial, full. No Neek.

    Is there a setting that I missed?


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    Did you solve this issue? I also want to install Neek for certain WiiWare titles to work on my emuNAND