Usb Ports Not working

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    I have a 3 month old toshiba laptop and the usb ports suddenly stopped working. I did a search on google and tried all the results i found both on google and on microsofts site and nothing worked. I also looked on the forums on Toshibas website and to my suprise quite a few people have had problems i tried the things that the people listed and to no avail. I still have the warranty on it and i can send it in but that is the last thing i wish to do as i dont want to lose my data. I dont know what to do any help is apprecitiated. Sorry for the Wall of Text but please if anyone can help. My Model Number is a Toshiba C655D-S5043. I forgot to add i kind of knocked the cd drive and now it is just hanging on there kind of will they still take it.
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    Take the harddrive out and send it in.