7th Dragon lll Code:VFD (Gateshark Codes)!

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    Jan 30, 2016
    So I tried to find codes of this game. I could'nt find any AR or Gateshark codes on google searched even the second pages of google. So after getting nothing. I thought why should'nt I make codes by myself. Soo here is the result. (These codes worked for me) let me know if you have any prob.

    [999999 AZ]
    00310C2C 000F423F

    [999999 DZ]
    00310C30 000F423F

    [Team 1 1st Character 235000 SP]
    00308C00 0003D090

    [Team 1 2nd Character 235000 SP]
    003098FC 0003D090

    [Team 1 13rd Character 235000 SP]
    003094A8 0003D090

    [Team 1 1st Character EXP 9999999]
    00308BFC 0098967F

    [Team 1 2nd Character EXP 9999999]
    003094A4 0098967F

    [Team 1 3rd Character EXP 9999999]
    003098F8 0098967F

    [Team 2 1st Character 235000 SP]
    00309054 0003D090

    [Team 2 2nd Character 235000 SP]
    00309D50 0003D090

    [Team 2 3rd Character 235000 SP]
    0030A1A4 0003D090

    [Team 2 1st Character EXP 9999999]
    00309050 0098967F

    [Team 2 2nd Character EXP 9999999]
    00309D4C 0098967F

    [Team 2 3rd Character EXP 9999999]
    0030A1A0 0098967F

    [Team 3 1st Character 235000 SP]
    0030A5F8 0003D090

    [Team 3 2nd Character 235000 SP]
    0030AA4C 0003D090

    [Team 3 3rd Character 235000 SP]
    0030AEA0 0003D090

    [Team 3 1st Character EXP 9999999]
    0030A5F4 0098967F

    [Team 1 2nd Character EXP 9999999]
    0030AA48 0098967F

    [Team 1 3rd Character EXP 9999999]
    0030AE9C 0098967F

    7th Dragon III - CODE VFD (USA)

    Enjoy! :grog: