USB Loader X Stuck causing problems with one USB, not with the other?

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    Jul 28, 2019
    Hello everyone,

    Not too long ago I bought a secondhand Wii which already had USB Loader X and the Homebrew Channel on it. I wanted to try the USB Loader out so I found an old Imation 8GB FAT32 USB at home and put two games on it. Both work fantastically. I was impressed by how easy it was to get the games running and bought a brand new 128GB Sandisk USB. This one has been nothing but trouble.

    I put 8 games on it and tried to load it on my Wii. It constantly get stuck on “Reloading to config file’s cIOS” and it’s driving me insane. I tried to format the USB after this to NTFS and I was able to load it: however, as soon as I clicked on one of the games, it froze completely and there was no was to get out of it except for turning the Wii power off.

    I have no idea how to proceed. There is an SD card in the Wii which I have never touched. Seeing as the smaller flash drive works I also don’t know if it’s a problem with USB Loader or with my Sandisk.

    If anyone has ANY idea, please let me know. I feel like I’ve wasted my money on the Sandisk at the moment as I do not see any option to get it to work anymore.

    Thanks so much in advance.
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    new flashdrive (and new Toshiba hard drives too) have issues with Wii/WiiU.
    these devices are unfortunately not working, so yeah you wasted your money on it, sorry :(

    you'll have to either find other flashdrive (not recommended!), or get a real external HDD (WD Element recommended).

    Only USB Port 0 is working with USBLoaders, bottom port on Wii, back-top on vWii.