USB Loader GX can't see my games

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    I just got a 64GB flash drive, and decided to put some games on it. Since it was exFAT, converted it to FAT32. Then I used Wii Backup Manager to put the games on the drive, and everything went alright. But when I plug it on my Wii and open USB Loader GX, it shows no games at all, although it detects there is a WBFS folder on it. What should I do? That's why I've bought the flash drive, but it doesn't work :/
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    check the folder layout you chose in Wii Backup Manager.
    You need to choose "Title [ID]"

    Option > FAT32/NTFS tab
    layout : "Title [ID]"
    Subfolder : Yes
    Rename on mount : Yes

    Option > Title
    Use gametdb for folder name : Yes
    Download wiitdb.xml file

    Now mount your hard drive in the "hdd1" tab and everything will be renamed correctly.

    In USBLoaderGX, be sure you selected Wii games in the 4th icon on the top menu.