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    I got random freezing in Zelda TP when running through the USB loader using my hard drive enclosure. When I switched to my microSD reader, the freezing went away. I'll go so far as to say that 99.9% of random freezing issues are caused by an incompatibility between the USB loader and your USB storage device, independent of the game. So, let's start aggregating the relevant data.

    • Your device's VendorID and ProductID (On Linux you can simply check the relevant entry in /proc/bus/usb/devices; on Windows it's a bit more complicated and I can't find a guide atm)
    • What games you tested, and for how long (title screen? X hours of gameplay? Completion? 100%?)
    • What issues you had, if any
    • And finally, a verdict on whether the device is compatible.
    I'll start:
    XtraStor 3.5" USB 2.0 HDD enclosure. I tried it with three different drives with the same results.
    VendorID: 152d ProductID: 2338
    Played about 15 minutes into Zelda TP. Tried SMG too. Never made it more than 10-15 minutes of gameplay before crashing
    NOT compatible

    microSD reader that came with my R4DS
    VendorID: 05e3 ProductID: 0715
    Played several hours of Zelda TP. No issues

    Once we have some consistent results from multiple users, assembling a wikipage would be a good idea.

    -E- Fix bullets
    -E2- Just to be clear I'm not duplicating anything here. The USB device compatibility wikipage is for general homebrew, and I'm very confident that the USB loader has its own compatibility concerns and issues.
    -E3- You know what, nevermind. I'm gonna make a bunch of quick changes to that wikipage to accomodate this.
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    Yes and no. Those tables are missing fields and any information on the USB loader. I'm gonna get to work on that.