Usb hard drive responsiveness problems

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    Oct 22, 2010
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    Hello. While using my hard drive (iomega eGo) I have problems. The videos from games hang out constantly (like in intervals of 4 seconds during a second), and that ruins my experience with those videos. Fortunately, during gameplay it doesn't give me problems except with Red Steel 2, on which it is constantly saying "Loading from disc ...". I know for sure that the problem is with using the drive because by simply using a usb pen disk I don't have those problems. My guess is that the problem is that the disk doesn't provide the data reading speed Wii needs (like X MB/s) and I can't do nothing about it. Anyway, I'm posting here in the case anyone has a miracle for me. Cheers.

    Edit: tested and:

    Pen disk: ~ 20 MB/s
    Hard disk: ~ 17 MB/s

    Edit2: you won't believe it but I switched the cable that connects the drive to the wii and its ok now.
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    Oct 24, 2010
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    Just a bit of info, Red Steel 2 most of the time requires an alternate dol to run properly.