US 3DS Turned To JAP after downgrading from 9.2 to 4.2 & Running 3 diff emunand question

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by Deathbot64, Mar 20, 2015.

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    Dec 15, 2014
    So I recently (either November or December) upgraded from an original 3ds to an OLD 3ds xl (I'm in Canada so it was a NA/US whatever region you wanna call it). I kept it at 9.2 until gateway release the exploit to downgrade with just an sd card. So I was after i was on SYSnand 4.2 running EMUnand CFW 4.2 on one sd card and one running MT card 9.5 on another sd card that i linked to my original NNID that I have had since the original 3ds. After doing this I lose all my save data on both digital and retail games which was no biggie, but when i started a new retail pokemon game everything went well until i tried to hook it up to the PGL. After some time smashing the keyboard and googling stuff i found out that the game was somehow from a different region then the one I was trying to use (which was weird cause i got my copy of sapphire from the midnight release launch at an ebgames in Canada) so i finally got it working with a new japanese account i had to make on the PGL (which im totally not complaining about, tbh it is one of the best thing ever as i am i huge pokemon fan and as everyone knows japanese fans get way better and more bonus content then we do in the americas) Then I decided to get a gateway card because of some shit that happened with the mt emunand when i tried to buy mm through the eshop, which is at GT EMUnand 9.5.23 or whatever. I was just wondering if i could run two different NNID's on the two different emunands or if that would fuck up my 3ds somehow

    tl;dr 3 emunands on 4.2 sysnand (not linked to any emunand)
    4.2 cfw
    9.5.xx mt - with original nnid
    9.5.xx gt - i want to make new nnid for

    would this work or would i fuck it up somehow

    EDIT: also now my japanese files on american retail copies of pokemon wont work with powersaves, but if i upload an american backup save the game wont work on my 3ds, is there anyway i can run other region games on my console even tho they are just american copies or is this some crazy pipe dream?
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