Updating Luma and others

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    Hey guys I have a 3DSXL on version 11.4.0-37U, im trying to update Luma which is on 7.0.5 but for some reason it always fails, I also have Al9h installed with also Hourglass9,Godmode9, and Decrypt9, I also experience problems when trying to update CIAngel

    If someone can give me a thread to go to or an explanation on what to do it would be appreciated thanks
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    To update Luma, you also need to switch from a9lh to b9s as Luma no longer supports a9lh.

    After you do that, D9/GM9/H9 .bin files will need to be replaced with the .firm versions found in the recent releases (place them in luma/payloads).

    As for CIAngel, try asking in the official thread.
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