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    Jun 10, 2015
    hello. i have bought 3ds with firmware 4.5 and gateway 3ds. i have put latest gateway launcher 3.2.2 and update it on my red gateway flashcard. when i open on setting it showing my firmware v4.5 not gw3dv4.5. after i click on ds profile, it show gw3dv4.5 . when i restart again my 3ds it show again firmware v4.5 not gw3dv4.5.
    is that my setting is correct ?
    if i click on ds profile, it show gw3dv4.5, it safe to update on latest version?

    i already backup my sysnand.
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    Do you have an emunand created? If yes, then once you're in settings and see the GW3D, go immediately to the 4th page and choose system update. Do not leave System Settings at any point.

    Don't have an emunand?

    You need to create a emuNAND first.
    Backup any files on your SD to a PC, then boot to the GW menu (hold L while tapping DS Profile) and choose Format emunand.

    It will take a bit of time, but once done, you can then boot back into the DS profile and once you see GW3D, update from the menu. Again, do not leave system settings at any point.
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    Oct 26, 2014
    When you go into the settings and it says gw4.5 etc, goto update in the settings, if you so much as exit the settings after you open it, it will kick you out of gateway mode back onto your original 3ds firmware.