Hacking Update G6 U-DISK Manager V4.9e


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Jun 26, 2006
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I haven't seen any posts for this, even though its been out since the 7th. Thanks for creating this thread.

Any idea what is new with this release? Any new game compatibilities?


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Dec 17, 2006
I was here... before...
The original releases are there :
QUOTE said:
Software Introduction::
????G6 U-DISK Manager???????4.1???????????????????????????G6 U-DISK Manager 4.1?????????????????? The software for the G6 U-DISK Manager upgrade kits, based on the 4.1 version upgrade or later, if you are using version too old or had not been installed G6 U-DISK Manager 4.1 more complete version will be unable to install the update.

?????????? Game Summary resolve compatibility:
????????6???? Not soft reset the game: two have resolved
can not run the game: 0 have resolved other issues
of the game: 6 has been resolved

??? Details:
1.??“1684-?????(?)”??????????????????????????? 1. Resolved "1684 - Simpson 1 (West)," the only safe mode of operation, can now be printed in the normal use of rapid game;
2.??“1685-????2(?)”??????????????????????? 2. Resolved "1685 - hamsters life 2 (US)" can not be soft reset problem can now use soft reset normal game;
3.??“1704-?????DS(?)”??????????????????????????? 3. Resolved "1704 - Mario gathering DS (EU)" the only safe mode of operation, can now be printed in the normal use of rapid game;
4.??“1711-?? ????2(?)”??????????????????????????? 4. Resolved "1711 - Lehman crazy rabbit 2 (US)" mode of operation can only security issues, can now be printed in the normal use of rapid game;
5.??“1716-???? ???????(?)”??????????????????????????? 5. Resolved "1716 - Sponge baby toy robot incoming (EU)" the only safe mode of operation, can now be printed in the normal use of rapid game;
6.??“1718-??? ?????(?)”??????????????????????? 6. Resolved "1718 - Shrek and the donkey monster (Law)" can not be soft reset problem can now use soft reset normal game;
7.??“1726-?????(?)”??????????????????????????? 7. Solve the "1726 - the zoo clinic (the United States)" the only safe mode of operation, can now be printed in the normal use of rapid game;
8.??“1770-????(?)”???????????????????mobiclip?????????? 8. Resolved "1770 - Shengjie legend (Japan)," the titles animation can not play, can now normal broadcast video format mobiclip all animation;
9.??“???”????1770?????NDS???????????????????????? 9. Update "- referring to a" smart Library, 1770 and before the game NDS configuration can be automatically read and mandatory use of Chinese name of the game show.

??????? Joint use:
1.??G6 U-DISK Manager?????NDS???????????????????GBA??? 1. Use G6 U-DISK Manager NDS game software in the copy when activated linkage tab set to allow linkage with the GBA;
2.????????????NDS????????????GBA??????????GBA??? 2. Confirmed after the conversion need linkage NDS games, in the absence of the necessary linkage GBA games, it is also necessary to add GBA games;
 (GBA??????????GBA??????????????GBA??????????????) (GBA games and conventional methods of adding games with the same method as GBA, GBA detail can see the game set up the conversion narrative and introduced)
3.??G6??“????”????????*.GBA?????X??????? 3. Start G6, "My cartridge" can be selected within the first linking *. GBA games, set by the X button to choose;
4.????NDS???????????????????????NDS????A?????? 4. NDS then return to the game menu, and choose corresponding linkage can be set up to allow linkage has been the NDS games, set by A key choice;
5.G6??GBA?NDS?????GBA?NDS??????????????????????????? 5. G6 will GBA and NDS games, and the GBA and NDS games all included in the filing, so as to achieve convenient and powerful interaction effect.

????? Related added:
??????????????????????????????(?????????)? ? almost all games can be reset normal, only a few games after not support or use of abnormal (see network test report).
?0534-???? ???? ????0535-???? ???? ??????PASSCARD????????????FlashMe V7??????????????? ? 0534 - Solution mystery series make-up toys for puppies and 0535 - Solution mystery series make-up toys kitten need for guidance before they can PASSCARD normal use, brush-FlashMe V7 or below normal version can play games.

?????????????NDS?????????? Note: The deadline for the release date, all NDS games can be in normal operation. ????ROM?????????????????????????????????????????????? If ROM can not operate normally after the conversion, the conversion may not set correctly, select the correct switch configuration or other conversion mode conversion. ????ROM????????????????CLEAN DUMP?NDS ROM????????????GBalpha????????CLEAN DUMP?NDS ROM??G6???ROM? If the ROM is still not allowed to change the situation, then that the CLEAN DUMP you download the NDS ROM data may be erroneous, the designated site GBalpha free download CLEAN DUMP the NDS ROM or G6 dedicated ROM.

?? 2. ?????? Simple use
1.??????G6??G6 U-DISK?????????USB??? 1. Firstly, insert the G6 cards G6 U-DISK reader connected to the computer's USB port;
2.????“?????”??????G6 U-DISK Manager???????“?????”???????? 2. Computer found "removable disk" equipment, running G6 U-DISK Manager application, select "Mobile Disk" The locations of the equipment. ???G6 U-DISK Manager?????????G6 U-DISK??????G6 U-DISK Manager?????????? If the G6 U-DISK Manager procedure has been initiated inserted after G6 U-DISK, please re-run G6 U-DISK Manager procedures will be able to find equipment;
3.??“????”????????????G6 U-DISK???????? 3. First election the "My Computer" icon below the disk partition, designated G6 U-DISK position where the drive;
4.?“?????”???????????G6?????????????“??”?????????“?????”???????????????G6 U-DISK Manager????GBA?NDS?????????????????? 4. The "Mobile Disk" directory listed under both the existence of the G6 card catalog, please click on "OK" button, users need not designated "Mobile Disk" folder in the directory, copies of the game , the G6 U-DISK Manager will automatically GBA and NDS games categorized copied to the specified folder;
5.?“?NDS”?“?GBA”??????????? 5. According to the "write NDS" or "write GBA" button will pop-up window to choose games;
6.?????????GBA?NDS???????? 6. Tour choose to copy the GBA or DS procedures or relevant games.
7.?“??”??G6 U-DISK Manager?????????????????????????????????????????????????? 7. On "OK", G6 U-DISK Manager will automatically complete all remaining copies movements related options if asked to select settings, according screen can be set up after the completion of the remaining copy movements;
8.???“?????”??????G6 U-DISK Manager??????????????????????G6??(???????????????5?????????)? 8. Later on the "programs or games" names will be displayed in G6 U-DISK Manager window list, as the programs or games that have been successfully deposited G6 card (which can copy multiple programs or games, simply by No. 5-step process can be repeated operation);
9.????????????G6 U-DISK???G6 U-DISK????USB???????G6???????NDS/GBA???????G6???GBA/NDS?????????/??? 9. Delete function with the safety of security to stop G6 U-DISK, the G6 U-DISK from the computer's USB port and remove the G6 card out, inserted into the DS / GBA host, thus G6 can GBA / NDS began running on the mainframe games / procedures.

?? 3. ??G6 U-DISK Manager??????? On G6 U-DISK Manager of the note set
?CONFIG????????????“Chinese(Simplified)”????G6 U-DISK Manager?????? 1. Language version switching
option in CONFIG Cary, set language options for the "Chinese (Simplified)" can switch G6 U-DISK Manager to English;
?????????????????????????????????GBA?NDS???????? 2. Game set source directory
hope you will quickly find stored in the hard drive of the game location, use of the function, you can specify opened GBA or DS game initial position;
3.NDS?????? 3. NDS game set conversion
[Main]???? [Main] tab:
????????L+R+A+B+X??????????G6??????????????????????????????? Soft reset function: L + R + A + B + X button to withdraw from five games and return to the G6 features main menu, by adding soft reset if the game can not run lead to the abolition of soft reset option;
??????????????????????????NDS????????????? All games use the same operating mode: Setting up this option, then joined the mass NDS games According to the unified configuration conversion;
[Read Method]???? [Read Method] tab:
????(DoFAT)?????????????NDS????????????????????? Fast printed in the (DoFAT): We recommend the use of the allocation for NDS games, it has excellent compatibility and rapid start-up speed;
?????????????256Mbit????G6????????????????????NDS??? Included in full: We can completely read less than 256 Mbit data cache to the G6's running again, generally do not use this setting to play NDS games;
???????ROM?????????????G6??????????????????G6??ROM? Direct copy: not conducted any changes ROM only directly copied to the G6 card and automatically create relevant documents filed apply G6 dedicated ROM;
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Safe Mode: The conversion of conventional manner (ie, the most basic patching methods and conservative conversion method) conversion, in the latest in a conversion of the game when they encounter problems can try to see whether it can use this model to solve the problem, generally not recommended use. “????”??????????????????????????DoFAT??????????????????????? "Safe Mode" switch soft reset of the game can not be achieved, such as additional features, not as DoFAT overall compatibility engine, and only for emergency solve some of the new games running;
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Mandatory reading and writing: general game if the software can determine whether there is a need to use compulsory reading and writing, will be automatically join or canceled, this option does not arise, without user choice. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? When the software can not judge whether the games need to use compulsory reading and writing mode, and optional this option there, the situation in general do not choose this option, if the running game can not, the option of using mandatory reading and writing can look at the issue be resolved, Otherwise, please use the safe mode.
[Rom Trim]???? [Rom Trim] tab:
??ROM?????ROM?????????????????ROM????????????????? Reduce ROM: Removal of the game ROM data gaps, and further save space, reduce ROM game will not affect the plot, animation, sound, etc.;
???ROM??????????????ROM???????????????ROM? Do not reduce ROM: and occasionally in the circumstances, if reduced ROM games can not run lead, then reduce the use of ROM;
[linkage]???? [Linkage] tab:
????????NDS???GBA?????????????? If you need to copy the NDS games and GBA games linkage, to select this option. ????????????????????????????????????????????????GBA??????????????????????????????????????? Selected after conversion software will automatically be linked to known judgment of the game, will be shown at the same time in the flash card has been copied on the GBA games can be linked list, or not the latest linkage of the game can be linked suggested that the user can still choose to use linkage.
4.GBA?????? 4. GBA game set conversion
[Main]???? [Main] tab:
?????????????????????????????????????????????? Allow immediate filing: Most games can be used immediately archiving function, if we use after the games can not run may be canceled immediately archiving function;
??????GBA????????????G6???????????GBA?????????? Allow Compression: GBA games on data compression to save G6 storage space, compression will lead to the GBA games printed in the slow speed;
??????????????????????????GBA????????????? All games use the same operating mode: Setting up this option, then joined the GBA game quantities in accordance with the unified configuration conversion;
[Rom Patch]???? [Rom Patch] tab:
???GBA????????????????+???????? Choose a patch on the GBA game, divided into software, hardware + software, hardware are
???????ROM??????????? Software: pure software ROM conversion, better compatibility;
??+??????????????????????????????? Hardware + Software: models and use hardware with software patches manner conversion, compatibility very good;
????????????????????????????????????????? Hardware: Using pure hardware approach to conversion, the best compatibility, but no additional features, such as real-time archiving function;
[CheatCode]???? [CheatCode] tab:
??????????????????????GBA????????????????????? If you choose to allow it to join this game Goldfinger function, in GBA games before this game can be in the corresponding parameters set;
[IPS Patch]? [IPS Patch]:
??????????????????????IPS????????????????????? The use of special individual patches of the game, if a game with a IPS documents, it can choose to convert, does not require the use of general.

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