Hacking update from New Super Mario Bros. retail


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Mar 26, 2009
United States
I have no idea why i can not get this game to work for me. I have 4.2u, the retail, bought and paid version of the game, dumped from coverfloader r1006, hunted down the patched dol for ntsc, named it SMNE.dol, in /usb-loader/, set the 002 patch, load dol from sd card/usb is selected...game plays great for 5-7 minutes, then i get the 'error, eject and reboot' screen.... And to honest, i am just tired of it all....I used a safe updater to go to 4.2u so i would not loose bootmii, other then that it is a normal 4.2u install, softmodded, cios 249 rev 15.... If i just give in and update, what do i loose? just bootmii? or will it wipe out my hbc and cios too? Using jodi hbc, i should mention. To be honest, the whole reason i went softmod is to preserve my originals, but there are some nice hbc apps that enjoy as well.

So, any one able to tell me why for love of ~!~ i can not get this working, even after following the guides to the letter?
What is it wanting to update, kill my bootmii?
Only other thing i can think of is it is seeing my custom mios that i am using becuase of gcn backups....

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