Upcoming PS4 update gives the option to turn off HDCP protection, among other additions.

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by TwinRetro, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. TwinRetro

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    Do we have any PS4 owners in the house that like to stream, but doesn't like the built-in streaming app? Have a youtube channel that you would like to post PS4 footage to? Do you make game reviews and would like to easily record in-game footage? Well, it's about to get a whole lot easier through HDMI. The latest upcoming patch for the PS4 will allow you to record footage from PS4's library of games without having to find a workaround for the HDCP protection that gave PS3 users such a headache.

    Among the changes rolling out to the next patch, users will be able to stream at 720p with Twitch and Ustream, and will also have the capability to archive their Twitch streams. Sony has also said they will be releasing "A rich video editor with a simple tool to personalize your video clips", and users will also be able to save screenshots and videos directly to a USB drive using PS4's Share feature. There is also "a lot more coming in this update", but nothing further has been specified.

    Looks like things are shaping up for the Playstation 4. I personally think that the current OS for the PS4 is extremely barebones at the moment, and it makes me happy to see further functionality added to the console.

    :arrow: Source: Playstation Blog
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    You can save both videos and screenshots directly to a USB device, not just screenshots, which nullifies the need of having to buy an HDMI capture device unless you're planning to catch more than 15 minutes of footage at a time. Apparently Sony's winking at all those LP'ers out there, since this seems like an ideal solution for them to create content. Damn, this was the second thing I wanted to write about today, but I only just came back from university! :rofl2:
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    It's about time, quite a few Lets players I follow have been complaining about this lack of update for awhile now.
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  4. trumpet-205

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    I wonder when Sony is going to add 3D Bluray to PS4.
  5. Gahars

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    So much for always using protection. What a terrible example for our nation's youth!
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  6. tbgtbg

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    HDCP protection is redundant, as the P in HDCP stands for protection.

    And good on Sony for turning it off, but frankly it's ridic that it was on at all.
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  7. Maxternal

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    When they find a good way to merge it with project Morpheus ;)
  8. Lumstar

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    PS3 was just that absurd. HDCP locking the XMB, who's going to want to watch that?
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